Not K-Pop related, I apologize. (not really.)

Currently almost watching King of the Nerds. I am letting the show go in about 45 minutes so I can skip through the commercials.

I had a very large fangirl moment when I saw Panser on the tv screen.
For those who don’t know, Panser (Danielle) is the Queen of the World of Warcraft nerds. She is incredible, she has pink hair, and I love her. ^(>_<)^

I have my fingers crossed that she wins!

Though if Panser doesn’t win, I hope that Celeste does.
I was reading her bio a few weeks ago on the TBS website, and it said there that her favorite music group is Girls’ Generation… That’s all I need to know to cheer for her along side Panser.
Aw…nevermind. I just went back to the TBS to double check that it said GG…but it doesn’t. I could’ve sworn that it said she likes SNSD. I must have been seeing things I guess. Ah, well…I still like her.

But of course this is just the first episode, and I haven’t even watched it yet, so my opinion can, and probably - most likely will, change on which contestant I want to win. (Panser!)

I am wearing my ‘My Little Panser’ shirt as well.
Luckily for me, the picture that I took that shows the shirt the best
is the one where I am holding my baby boy (his name is Shadow).
(sadly though, you can’t see the pink in my hair.)

…Okay, sorry, I am done now.

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